Creative storage platform

Understand Playbook’s core features

Individual creatives or teams of any size can manage their projects, programs, and processes, no matter how small or large.

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Visualize files and folders

Playbook is built for everyone, so you can use it to store and manage your personal projects or work.

  • Gallery view
  • Folder view
  • Filtered view
  • Kanban view
  • Timeline view
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Real time collaboration

Make your creative process more efficient with easy built-in feedback and collaboration features.

  • Chat with collaborators and guests
  • Chat with clients
  • No sign-in required with external stakeholders
  • Quick feedback with emojis
  • Approval process
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Easy sharing

Share a large file or groups of files easily with anyone inside or outside your playbook.

  • Transfer between any playbooks
  • Send via email
  • Publish as a web page
  • Client gallery
  • Inviting collaborators
  • Personalized file drop-off page
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Smarter and more efficient storage

  • Auto-deduplication
  • Generous starter space
  • Archiving
  • Long term storage
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Creative project management

Manage creative projects from start to finish. With all of your files tagged and organized in Playbook, you’ll always know where to find them.

  • Automatic image-to-text tagging
  • Related assets
  • Deep-level folder browsing
  • Project statuses
  • Kanban view
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Views and reporting

See what’s happening across your entire organization and how well your assets are doing with reporting capabilities.

  • Asset and board activity
  • Tracking shared assets
  • Collaborator management in one place
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Mobile and Desktop App

  • Mobile web
  • Mobile app (Coming soon!)
  • Desktop app (Coming soon!)
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Customer success and support

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