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A novel approach to cloud storage!
Jonathan Ruzek
Happiness Engineer
It's super fast to upload and share video files without waiting to process.
Carl Barrett
Product Design Manager
I like how I can easily upload/store my files in a convenient location, and view a bigger picture of how different elements fit together in a cohesive presentation. Playbook combined the visual presentation of Pinterest and the file convenience and accessibility of Google Drive.
Madison Park
UI/UX design student
I love Playbook's simple & beautiful interface, its generous free plan and frequent product updates.
Aniket Borhade
Website Designer & Digital Marketer
Didn't have to learn anything to start using it. It's click, drag and booom!!
Rodrigo Leles
Senior Product Designer
Playbook is super simple to use and the features are geared specifically towards designers. So awesome! Two of my favorites are the ability to copy and paste something (so I don't have to save an idea to my desktop and then upload it to playbook) and the thumbnail preview and how easily it is to change the thumbnail if I want. Yall hit it out of the ballpark with those!
Rachael Portier
Creative Director
I love the ease of use for handing off files.
Titus Smith
Owner, Creative Director,
The simplicity, speed, ease of share, the overview of everything is really simple and clean.
Vincent De La Rosée
One man media army
I love how we can see all the work for our clients in one (visual) place.
Kate Starr
Director of Design, Blue State
Playbook has an extremely nice and simple UI. Loving the powerful search engine and the simplicity of inviting new members.
Alejandro Rivers
Creative Director
I really like Playbook's beautiful interface, whether it be viewing my own assets/photos and videos, or showcasing them on a public board. Way nicer than, say, Google Drive, Google Photos, or OneDrive!
Marcus Shen
Love how intuitive and organized everything is. I also love being able to share folders with teams and add our favs/selects + notes. Love the new updates with drag and drop. Was hoping this feature would be coming out soon.
Florencia Carcagno
Senior Creative Director, Folx Health
Playbook makes it easy to tag photos and move them around to new boards. The photos are presented in a neat way and it’s easy to see and manage all kinds of photos from my personal ones to my artwork/graphic design.
Kevin Li
Design student
Playbook is a lot more fun to work with and use than Google Drive, with all the files neatly organized.
Casmir Nwachukwu
The visual experience is much better compared to any other drive. I love the way I can set custom thumbnails to the files.
Browsing my photos and files in Playbook is effortlessly magical.
Stephanie Yin Zhao
Culinary photographer

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