Inviting a person to a board

Step 1: Navigate to the board that you want to collaborate on

Step 2: Click on Share

Step 3: Invite by entering the collaborator’s email under Invite by email

Step 4: Invite is sent! You’ll be notified when they join

Who can I invite to my playbook?

Anyone that you want to collaborate with! We encourage you invite people that you really think are a good fit for Playbook - people organize/sharing creative work 🎨

How can I invite collaborators to my playbook?

Navigate to People page and add your collaborators via their email. Keep in mind that they will need to create a Playbook account to accept your invitation and access your playbook.

Can I invite someone to an individual board, but not my entire playbook?

Yes, you can invite them to a specific board as a Guest/Collaborator - which can be located under Invite on your board page.

If I invited a client to a board, are they able to download files within it?

Yes! However, they won't be able to download any asset that is Unapproved by you or your team members.

Watch a walkthrough ✨