Plugins: Using AI in Playbook

Play, create, store all your AI art! This guide will go over everything you need to know to start. Check out these walkthroughs too.

Plugin Overview

Plugins function as additional software components, seamlessly integrating with Playbook so you can do more with your work, anywhere!

A&D accounts receive get 25 credits monthly with no rollover. PRO accounts receive 1000 monthly credits with rollover. Team accounts receive 2000 monthly credits with rollover.

The cost of an image is about ~0.5 to ~3 credits based on dimensions, plugin provider, and other parameters.

Stable Diffusion & DALL-E

Organize your prompts, art, and iterations in one place. Now you can generate art with Dall-E or Stable Diffusion directly from Playbook! The cost to generate with  credits depend on:

  • Action Type (Create, Enhance, Repaint)
  • Number of variants
  • Image Resolution
  • How many iterations the AI runs

The days of Photoshop's lasso tool and preview's magic wand are over!

  1. Install our plugin in your organization settings
  2. Open the asset you want to apply this effect to
  3. Click ""
  4. Ta-da! The plugin auto-creates a group between your asset and your new backgroundless version.

✨ Stay tuned for more plugins!